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DIY Barn Picnic Table

Elegant DIY picnic table made from reclaimed barn door

Making useful furniture from reclaimed materials is nothing new to the world. In fact, we’ve already seen unused materials such as wood, steel, cardboards, etc. being transformed into elegant and fully-functional objects. Likewise, we came across another beautiful DIY picnic table that is made out of recycled barn door.

It was built by Jenna LaFevor, blogger from website Nooga, and her husband to celebrate their kid’s birthday party couple of years ago. They took an old door from their great-grandfather’s barn and refurbished it into this rustic outdoor table, which lies in their lawn. If you want to make such barn picnic table on your own, then clean the wood thoroughly and cut into desired length for forming a table.

Base of the wood is built from pressure-treated 2-by-6 wood; after completion of base the barn door can be attached on top to form a minimalistic tabletop. The whole table can be assembled together using nails or screws with total expenditure of about only $50, which is lot cheaper than buying a new table. Old wooden grains, marks and old iron hinges are sustained on its design to maintain its rustic appeal. Furthermore, a weatherproof coating is done on its wood because this one is meant for outdoor use.

For full tutorial, you may visit RainonaTinRoof website and find out step by step instructions by the designer. Check out the images given below to see construction process of the stunning DIY barn picnic table.

DIY Barn Picnic Table

Cleaning of the old wooden barn door

DIY Barn Picnic Table

Base of the table is made from pressure-treated 2-by-6 wood

DIY Barn Picnic Table

The whole table can be assembled together simply using nails or screws

DIY Barn Picnic Table

Fully completed barn picnic table

Credit: Nooga

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