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Slide by Design studio DING3000

Enjoy your BBQs with the warmth of a fire pit

No backyard is complete without a BBQ and a fire pit, where you can sit around and enjoy the warmth of fire. But, what if you could combine those two methods of joy for ultimate backyard entertainment.

‘Slide’ by design studio DING3000 offers you one-of-kind BBQ cum fire pit, that not only impresses you with its esthetic design, but its functionality is also impressive.

Slide has minimalist design of a coffee table and is semi-portable. You can place it in your backyard or patio. This versatile entertainment center is the best way to bring guests together for a great evening.

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The significant feature of this unusual grill is its steel plate that acts as a fire door, and can be used for Japanese cooking or a designer grill for western type BBQs. The steel plate has hook points that allows the user to move it above the grill or to one side with the help of a hook without the risk of burning fingers.

Since, the steel plate as well as the grilling grate is detachable it can be very easily cleaned. You just have to push them into the dishwasher and they come out clean as new. The use of V2A material in its making proves its durability.

All of these qualities makes this $844 USD fire place a top-notch investment for your backyard.

Slide by Design studio DING3000

Semi-portable BBQ/Fire pit can be place in any location

Slide by Design studio DING3000

Offers the flexibility to grill and roast

Slide by Design studio DING3000

Slide by Design studio DING3000

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