Eufy Combines Video Doorbell and Smart Lock into One Device

eufy Combines Video Doorbell and Smart Lock in One Convenient Security Device

Anker’s subsidiary eufy has launched its Video Smart Lock that integrates a 2K video doorbell and a fingerprint smart lock in one device. The inventive device brings real-time video footage from the front door and allows you to unlock the door easily from one single operatable interface. Additionally, there is onboard storage for recorded video, which should save you on the monthly subscription for storage.

This Video Smart Lock makes it easy to monitor the approaching visitors and open the door with a smartphone, as and when required. You get a lock and unlock notifications right on the phone, so you know when family members and visitors are around and conveniently grant them access.

This Video Smart Lock is equipped with a 2K camera with 160-degree field-of-view to display every detail in front of the house clearly. The Wide Dynamic Range technology built-in delivers clear video while four infrared lights improve nighttime detection.

eufy’s interesting device, it claims, allows users to get inside the house in less than a third of a second thanks to the onboard fingerprint chip. For user convenience, the fingerprint sensor is re-oriented to the top of the scanner to deliver 98-percent accuracy. The device also uses advanced matching AI algorithm that analyzes the most-used fingerprints to facilitate unlocking the home even faster.

In addition to the fingerprint, there are multiple ways to unlock the eufy Video Smart Lock. You can set up a password, unlock remotely over Wi-Fi using the eufy Security app, through physical keys, or even use Alexa or Google Assistant to command.

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This security video doorbell and lock come fitted with a 10,000mAh battery that can be charged via USB-C port. It can last for about 120 days with all features active. Users can also set the Video Smart Lock to receive a low-battery notification when it drops under 10-percent, so you’re sure when to recharge it.

The auto door locking mechanism also sets eufy’s device in a league of its own. If you happen to forget locking door before leaving home, eufy Video Smart lock can do it for you. It utilizes a geomagnetism sensor and a gyroscope to locate the door’s position within 0.75 mm and will immediately retract the deadbolt back after sensing the door has been closed.

For all its features and convenience, eufy Video Smart Lock is available for pre-order through Kickstarter in the United States, Canada, and Australia right away. You can pledge a minimum of $229 to get one of these security devices delivered to you in May 2022.

Via: PressRelease

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