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Ferrari V12 Engine Coffee Table

Ferrari V12 Engine Transformed into a Rectangular Coffee Table


We came across a stunning coffee table ideal for car lovers and for those who like decorating their homes with automotive parts. It appears to be an interesting table because its base is crafted out of a V12 engine coming from a retired Ferrari 400 and top features a rectangular glass imprinted with Ferrari’s logo and name.

The glass top is safely bolted on the engine over 14 small red pipes. Its base sits on crankshaft bearing legs, which are thoroughly polished for perfect finishing and unique appearance. The contrasting red and silver creates a lovely color palette, making it perfect to be used as a functional centerpiece in living room, bedroom or even your office. Your guests will surely be impressed with this absolutely rare furniture piece.

Earlier, we have introduced you with the coffee table made from Mercedes Benz engine. The Ferrari 400 Coffee table is also somewhat similar, but with a different design and the highlighting Ferrari logo that makes it look like brand’s official product.

[Bajzathg] from Rigside, United Kingdom is selling the coffee table on eBay for £2,800 (approx. US $4796), but we are not sure whether he is the designer or a seller. We agree that the table is way too expensive, but how many of us can boast this unique Ferrari V12 engine coffee table?

Images Courtesy: DannyYauPhotography

Credit: MotorSportAuctions

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