Axel Wannberg and Studio RAY Atelier Floating Marble Bed

Floating Marble Bed Displays the Art of Marbling With an Aesthetic Appeal

Marble is an essential part of our kitchen and bathroom designs, thanks to its versatile use and durability. While it is ever-present around the house, you’d rarely spot marble incorporated in your bed. However, marble beds have gained popularity in the past couple of years. Adding to the collection, designer and master cabinetmaker Axel Wannberg has introduced a floating marble bed that highlights the art and craft of hand-painted marbling.

The Swedish cabinetmaker created a floating bed at the tail end of 2017. The distinctive bedroom piece was made of wood, as one would expect, and was craftily paired with the art of marbling to evoke staining or veining similar to natural marble.

Five years later, the designer has teamed up with Studio RAY Atelier to create this outlandish bed featuring marblelike patterns and textures. The bed appears to be floating mid-air as the legs or the base is hardly visible from any angle. Presumably, it is poised on a solid base at the extreme center, giving it a hovering appearance.

The limited-edition bed has only 15 bespoke pieces available in multiple size configurations. The exclusive and beautiful bed is 12-inches high and 79-inches long, while the width of the bed ranges between 47- to 71-inches. A model with a size configuration of 12 x 79 x 47-inches is priced at €4800 (approximately $5,220). The price of the bed increases with the increasing width.

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In a nutshell, the bed applauds the solid artwork and craftsmanship in marbling and is worth giving a try. Just in case you want the slatted base as well, it would cost you an additional $270 odd.

Axel Wannberg and Studio RAY Atelier Floating Marble Bed_1

Image: Studio RAY Atelier

Axel Wannberg and Studio RAY Atelier Floating Marble Bed_2

Image: Studio RAY Atelier

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