Fold the Book Stool and carry it along like a suitcase

We’ve seen a few furniture items that can be folded to be carried along. Our personal favorite for the affluent was the Pinel & Pinel’s Boudoir Trunk. Now, here is a Russian birch plywood made Book Stool which can be folded to be carried around just anywhere like a suitcase. Measuring W350 × D350 × H330mm when open, the stool two planks joined across in the middle and have a plank for the seating on top.

Each Book Stool comes in a pair of two stools – making it just perfect for your couple. When folded and closed the stool measure sW350 × D350 × H65mm and is priced at Yen 24,000 (approx. $270).

Via: Iichi

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