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Fruit Leather

Fruitleather converts food waste into trendy fashion accessory

Rejoice all vegan lovers! Now there are accessories made from fruit and vegetable waste. Food waste has been a serious issue and every year a big chunk of food is wasted worldwide, some of which can be converted into recycled products.

The composite waste can be either used to feed livestock or else the soil will take care of it. But that is not a viable solution if we think from viewpoint of undergraduate students of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam that led them to come up with a more innovative and environmentally-friendly solution of converting food waste into something that is useful and durable at the same time.

Started as a school project, Fruitleather Rotterdam – where the task was to set up a flash retail event, the students decided to work on social issue of food waste in Rotterdam where approximately more than 3500 kilos of forgotten and unsellable fruits and vegetables are trashed everyday. For them it was an issue that needed to be addressed.

Therefore, to come up with the solution, the students found their answer in gastronomie. They followed a very simple technique of making fruit leather: first they gathered food waste from market stands, mashed and boiled it to remove bacteria and then dried it to get a flat sheet of leather. And, finally turned it into a set of trendy fashion accessories. The students are currently working hard in testing durability and strength of leather, and are taking help from professionals of other companies for improving the quality of leather to increase the use of fruitleather in the market.  After all, it’s all about creating awareness regarding the wastage of food, which is not a trash, and if managed intelligently, many undernourished countries might find a solution to food crisis.

Fruit Leather

Dried out fruit leather

Fruit Leather

Strips of fruit leather

Fruit Leather

Samples of various fruit leather made from vegetable and fruit waste

Fruit Leather

Fashion accessory made from fruit leather

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