PassivDom's 3D printed houses

PassivDom presents sun-powered, fully autonomous 3D printed homes

Ukrainian startup PassivDom has created fully autonomous 3D printed homes, which are powered by solar energy. With modular building structure on wheels, these off-grid 3D printed houses can be made or relocated anywhere, and are even suitable for arctic climates.

All thanks to the series of solar panels equipped on the rooftop, these eco-friendly modular homes are 100-percent energy self-sufficient and comfortable, without any need for gas or electricity. These house structures are even integrated with a self-learning temperature and humidity control system. To keep the interior warm, PassivDom houses have the highest thermal performance among residential buildings.

The walls of these sun-powered buildings are as warm as brick, whereas the thermal characteristics are high enough to use 20 times less energy than any conventional building. Another good thing about these homes is that these can even be equipped just like a hotel room. This means each structure comes furnished with everything from bed linen to kitchen utensils, and can be moved into in just one day.

Max Gerbut, a Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences of physics of the solid state, has built these smart modular houses in the Ukraine and aiming to spread these housing structures throughout the world. For this eco-friendly project, he has invested €200,000 of his own cash.

These autonomous houses will be around 36-square-meters and cost approximately €59,900 to pre-order. The PassivDom houses would offer convenient alternative to potential homeowners who want a private residence with cottage-like facilities. Moreover, the homeowners can get it installed on any desired piece of land without worrying about construction.

PassivDom's 3D printed houses

Fully autonomous modular home

PassivDom's 3D printed houses

Solar panels equipped on the rooftop

PassivDom's 3D printed houses

The house rests on wheels for easier reloaction

PassivDom's 3D printed houses

These 3D printed homes can be assembled on any piece of land

PassivDom's 3D printed houses

Interior is warn like any conventional brick home

PassivDom's 3D printed houses

Minimalist interior

PassivDom's 3D printed houses

Model of PassivDom’s modular home

PassivDom's 3D printed houses

It comes equipped with furnishing

PassivDom's 3D printed houses

The house runs on solar power

Via: 3ders

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  1. kamuran kozan

    July 8, 2020 at 7:38 pm

    interested , looking your Karg houses and 3D houses ,
    I am in scotland , is this something you can deliver !


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