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Running Short on Interior Space? Create Personalized Snug

There is a growing trend in property renovation that adds value to your home and creates more room in existing space. What is this mystery design boost? How are people finding that extra area to create an additional livable space? The answer is “a humble snug” by making the most out of a closed garage.

Most garages are not used for parking. Some are used for storage while others find a purpose as a utility room. Knocking through into the garage and creating a snug at the front of the house while keeping the remaining space at the rear of the house for utilities such as washing machine is growing in popularity.

Interested? Let’s look at how you could create your ideal personalized snug.

Comfort and style

We’re used to being told that comfort and style are not necessarily mutually workable in the same space. Big and comfy rarely look smart and tidy. However, when it comes to a personalized snug, space almost demands a contrasting and complementing relationship between comfort and style.

But where to start? Maybe, with modern lighting ideas. You can go for a range of LED bulbs that goes well with both rustic and edgy tastes. Plus, beginning with lighting is a great way to set the tone in terms of ambiance.

Next, you’re going to need is seating. Mixing comfort with style comes no easier than selecting a deep-seated sofa. A snug isn’t complete without a seating that you and your guests will effortlessly sink into. This type of seating comfort is a must.

Planning on watching movies, playing computer games, sitting down to read a book or shopping online, whatever the purpose of your snug, always remember this is a place for relaxation. It’s not an office. Add a widescreen TV, throw down a couple of beanbags, and add lots of cushions.

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Choosing a color scheme

A snug is naturally going to feel a little hemmed in, so don’t worry too much about choosing a color scheme that draws the eye and creates space – that’s not what’s important here. Instead, focus on choosing a color scheme that creates a sense of stillness and calm.

Avoid striking colors such as red or orange. Choose cooler colors that add a degree of natural tranquillity to the overall ambiance of the room instead. These serene color palettes include blues, greys and greens.

Flooring – Tread softly

A snug should not be cold underfoot. Despite the fact that hardwood floors are great for adding value to your home, the snug is an exception. Choose a luxury deep carpet with a depth of at least half an inch to make the most of your soft flooring choice.

Carpeting tips: Cut pile carpets are generally considered as a softer alternative to loop pile carpets. Be sure to bear this in mind when making your final choice.

Wool is often seen as one of the softest carpeting fibers. This, of course, is a better choice over artificial fiber but the associated cost could be a deal-breaker.

Nylon and polyester carpets are nearly as soft and come with a price tag that’s friendlier on your pocket.

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