Go Pet Club Cat Tree - Gift ideas for cat lovers

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club’s Cat Tree measures 62-inches high, 38-inches in width and 27-inches in length. For the base, Go Pet Club has used compressed wood, while the posts are covered in natural sisal rope so that the cat is kept away from scratching your furniture. The cat tree is fancy and has plenty of baskets and perches for your feline friend to nap and rest.

Cats are generally difficult to manage at home because they have a tendency to climb onto the furniture and then scratch it. This is where a cat tree comes in. It saves the costly furniture from your kitty’s wrath.

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Go Pet Club’s Tall Cat Tree comes in beige, blue, black and brown colors and provides your cat a personal space where it can sleep, run around, climb up and down. The cat tree with all the baskets and perches covered in soft faux fur is easy to install. It comes with easy to assemble, step-by-step instruction manual when purchased.

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