Grobo Automated Hydroponic Garden can Grow Marijuana for You

Indoor gardening is popular among hobbyists, along with families who want to grow fresh herbs and vegetables on their own. There could be any reasons like a healthy lifestyle, better air quality and saving money on organic food. If you want to garden indoors but don’t know much about it, the Grobo has come up with the simplest solution for you.

The Canadian startup has developed a fully automated hydroponic grow box that will take care of plants on your behalf. Just add seeds, water and nutrients, rest will be done by the device itself. You can track your plant’s growth through the companion mobile app.

From watering and lighting to air quality and keeping a check on nutrient levels, the Grobo automated hydroponic grow box covers it all. There are dual intake fans to maintain a good air quality and eight-spectrum LED lights automatically adjust according to plants. Grobo hydroponic grow box is equipped with a pH Sensor, temperature sensor, electrical conductivity sensor, water Level Sensor and a humidity sensor to keep a check on plant’s growing environment.

There is an 11L water reservoir, sufficient enough to fulfill watering needs of the plant growing inside. Its door can be locked, so you don’t need to worry about safety of kids and pets. Furthermore, each unit includes an activated charcoal filter to reduce smell that being released to the space. The device adjusts growing conditions automatically and will also notify you when the plant is ready for harvest.

Grobo has been revamped lately and now it offers two different models – Grobo Solid costing $1,999. and Grobo Premium for $2,199. Both of them measure 14W x 14D x 48H inches and weigh 40kg. The only difference is the fluid glass door that lets you see plants at the touch of a button. Grobo Solid is the affordable version, whose shipping starts in September 2019.

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Users also have access to the huge database of indoor gardening recipes from Grobo, however, it will also send educational tips to improve your produce. It can grow a single plant at a time and can grow plants like tomatoes, herbs, strawberries at home without any hassle. It also seems to be useful for those wanting to grow medical marijuana speedily at home.

Grobo automated hydroponic grow box is also available for purchase at Amazon.

Grobo One

Image: Grobo

Grobo indoor hydroponic gardening system

Image: Grobo

Dedicated app to control desirable environmental conditions for plants

Image: Grobo

Carefree gardening

Image: Grobo

Grobo indoor hydroponic gardening system

Image: Grobo

Huge database of cultivation recipes

Image: Grobo

Grow the needed medication faster and healthier

Image: Grobo

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