Handmade Lace-Up Chair by Jonathan Uses Rope and Wood

The best work we have seen to personify a lace-up chair would possibly be the Parsons-style dining chair with cotton or linen cover laced-up on the back and sides. Taking the lace-up chair definition to another level, DIY-er Jonathan has developed the handmade Lace-Up Chair from wood and rope. With an objective to design a chair with complex geometry without using CNC machines, Jonathan set out to make a computer-aided design. By printing out the design at a local copy shop and then creating a wooden frame of a chair based on the design, the dedicated DIY-er managed to achieve his objective.

Called the Lace-Up Chair, it has a one hundred foot rope laced up through eyelets on the wooden frame that acts as the sitting surface and doubles as the chair’s structure. It’s a basically lounge chair the dimensions of which are based on the famous Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavillion Chair. To us, the Lace-Up Chair looks as comfortable as it looks beautiful.

If you’re interested in building one for yourself, Jonathan has put up both the 3D model and the templates up on Instructables. Use them and set out to build your own decent lace-up chair. Check out the making video below.

Lace-Up Chair by Jonathan-1

Lace-Up Chair by Jonathan-2

Lace-Up Chair by Jonathan-3

Lace-Up Chair by Jonathan-4


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