Marisa Holzer Hedgerow Bird Table

Marisa Holzer’s Bird-Shaped Hedgerow Table Has Flapping Wing Extension

In order to connect with design, it is important to know the designer first. Marisa Holzer is a name in the design industry that you’d find tough to recall. Not because, she is a newbie to the design field, rather she is a veteran industrial designer who keeps a low profile.

In a career spanning fifty years, when most people consider retirement, Marisa Holzer discovered her passion for molding and furniture design. Although, no stranger to design, she spent her early life working as a fashion and costume designer for rock icons such as Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd. After working twenty years as a celebrity designer, she decided to dip her toes into sculpting and furniture design industry.

Running her own studio, the British designer is now focused on making furniture pieces that are made with upcycled material. One of her creations that piqued our curiosity is the Hedgerow bird table. As the name suggests, the bird-shaped coffee table is inspired by the hedge birds. It serves as a perfect centerpiece for your living and sets vintage vibes to the room.

With a passion for wielding, Holzer uses recycled wood and repurposed metal to finish this coffee table. Fast forward to the design, the table is poised on a flat base which supports the entire bird cautiously. Available in small and big sizes, the structure features a flat tabletop that can be expanded, thanks to hinged metal wings inspired by the bird’s wings. These wings can be waved up and down as per user requirements.

Beautifully carved and molded, the structure below the tabletop is more intriguing than the top itself. The middle structure of the table resembles the curve of hedge birds with beak, breast, and tail beautifully incorporated in the table design.

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The high quality of craftsmanship is even visible in the lower half of the table. The designer has delicately molded metal into two sleek shanks resembling bird legs. Even the claws are meticulously carved out to add to the silhouette of the structure. The table is made in multiple finishes: bronze, aluminum, patina and it intends to be an instant conversation starter.

Marisa Holzer Hedgerow Bird Table_2

Image: Marsia Holzer

Marisa Holzer Hedgerow Bird Table_3

Image: Marsia Holzer

Marisa Holzer Hedgerow Bird Table_1

Image: Marsia Holzer

Marisa Holzer Hedgerow Bird Table_4

Image: Marsia Holzer

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  1. Jerry D Pruett

    March 19, 2022 at 1:17 am

    Great talent this lady has. Bravo.


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