Horm Mass Pressure Armchair

Horm’s Mass Pressure Armchair is a Functional Work of Art

At the Supersalone 2021, Italian furniture manufacturer Horm unveiled the Mass Pressure Armchair. This chair showcases creativity with its unique shape and functional form. Designed by award-winning designer Dror Benshetrit, the armchair is further shaped with Horm’s top-notch skills in upholstery and the innovative technology of Novacolor. The latter is a high-end brand of the San Marco Group specializing in artistic finishes for floors and walls.

The armchair is made with a compression technique. This technique helps in converting a cubic meter of foam rubber into a functional object. To give the chair a proper sitting position, the team used a tubular metal frame and attached foam all over. It gave the chair a captivating and innovative expression.

Compressed with three layers inside a painted metal structure, the armchair is available in a single version. The project is a work of complex and completely manual surface treatment to form a sculptural artwork. Hence, it’s intended for display at different galleries and museums.

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What makes this armchair truly unique is how foam is made paintable with oxidized copper. The final piece carries a concrete effect, which makes a remarkable visual impact. However, the softness of the furniture piece is still maintained so that it doesn’t lose its function. But the design surely makes it different from other armchairs. For more information, check out Horm’s official website.

Horm Mass Pressure Armchair

Image: Horm

Horm Mass Pressure Armchair

Image: Horm

Horm Mass Pressure Armchair

Image: Horm

Horm Mass Pressure Armchair

Image: Horm

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