DIY garden bench

How to build DIY garden bench using reclaimed wooden rail ties

French Do-it-Yourself (DIY) factory La Fabrique DIY has posted a tutorial on their YouTube channel that shows how to build a rustic garden bench using reclaimed wooden rail ties.

This easy build requires you to have a saw, a drill, a chisel, 4 large screws and glue gun handy. The bench can be built in about two hours and can easily fit a complete family. The garden bench is a perfect example of how one can achieve a unique piece of lawn furniture without spending much.

If you get your hands on old wooden rail ties, this three-minute video tutorial below can help you build a awesome bench with it. Following the basics like cleaning the wood, cutting, chiseling it out to fit legs you can arrive at a fantastic bench apt for the garden.

Suitable for the outdoors, the ultra-resilient DIY garden bench you’ve just finished is a minimalist bench that will extend rustic charm in your garden.

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