Hungary-Based Couple Transforms Old Csepel Truck into Guesthouse

Paul and Mandy, a Hungary-based couple has transformed an old Csepel D346 truck into a two-person guesthouse dubbed Csepellina. It is one of the 3 tiny house rentals at Mokus Valley hotel in Bükkösd, Hungary. Located amidst woods alongside a pond, it makes a perfect vacation rental for eco-minded couples.

The wood-paneled cabin built on back of the truck provides enough space to accommodate almost everything a home has. Visitors enter inside through a cozy private terrace furnished with hammock and chairs. Inside, there is a full kitchen, lounge seats, a bed for two, and a bathroom complete with a toilet.

Aside from the wooden ceiling and floors, the whole interior space is decked with natural wood logs with an industrial essence. There are also a number of upcycled features, some of which relate to the truck’s old life. There are a number of windows that offer mesmerizing views of the nearby landscapes.

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The engine of the truck has been removed, making it a stationary guesthouse. The front section now houses a water boiler that supplies hot water to the house truck. Giving a second life to an old vehicle is a great idea and Paul and Mandy have done a fabulous job with this truck transformation.

Csepellina house truck will be available for rent from 1 April 2020 through 1 November 2020. The pricing starts at €420 ($465) for a week.

Truck house situated in Mecsek Mountains of the Mokus Valley

Image: Mokus Valley

Making this truck house

Image: Mokus Valley

Complete wooden structure built in truck body

Image: Mokus Valley

A small wooden porch in front of garden with a small pond

Image: Mokus Valley

Wooden porch has enough space to enjoy the landscape outside

Image: Mokus Valley

Horizontal wooden planks constructed to offer rustic finish to the structure

Image: Mokus Valley

A bedroom for two persons along with proper seating space

Image: Mokus Valley

Furniture upcyled from old Csepel products

Image: Mokus Valley

All round wooden flooring

Image: Mokus Valley

Big glass windows get the outdoors in

Image: Mokus Valley

Enough space inside for guests to sit and chat

Image: Mokus Valley

A complete kitchen is combination of olden-style cabinetry under modern backsplash

Image: Mokus Valley

Reclaimed wood and other stuff has been utilized

Image: Mokus Valley

Bathroom and toilet in a metal finish

Image: Mokus Valley

Night view of the Truck house

Image: Mokus Valley

Via: LivingBigInATinyHouse

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