Ikea’s Smart Window Blinds Support Amazon Alexa

IKEA Introduces Smart Shades and Automated Window Blinds

Updated 25.04.2020: IKEA’s new battery-operated FYRTUR and KADRILJ smart blinds and shades are now available in the US, Canada, EU and UK. Using the included remote control, users can adjust blinds from the comfort of their beds or couch. These motorized blinds can also be controlled using a mobile app or via voice commands but one would require the additional TRÅDFRI gateway to do so.

The basic design difference between these blinds is the use of material. KADRILJ blinds are made of a sheer material that will allow a small amount of sunlight to pass through, while FYRTUR roller blinds are made of dense fabric that blocks out all light.

There are five different sizes to choose from for specific user needs. The pricing for KADRILJ starts at £90 (about $112) and FYRTUR starts at £115 (approx. $142).

IKEA is apparently keen at taking on the smart home industry with its signature, low-cost smart shades, and automated window blinds, reports suggest. FYRTUR and KADRILJ are two new, highly anticipated elements of smart home collections by the Swedish furniture maker.

Designed by David Wahl, FYRTUR is a smart, battery-operated window shade that can be controlled with the included remote control and the TRADFRI app. IKEA’s smart window blinds are also going to support Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple’s Homekit with TRADFRI lighting gateway. On the other hand, KADRILJ is a typical battery-operated window blind with remote control.

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According to the German IKEA website, these battery-operated window blinds are currently available in some IKEA stores in Germany and will be available to order online from February 2, 2019.

There are a number of choices for size, while pricing is the main attraction. These cost between €99-€119 ($113-$136). It is still unknown whether IKEA’s new window blinds will be launched globally or not.

Ikea’s Smart Window Blinds Support Amazon Alexa

Image: IKEA

Ikea’s Smart Window Blinds Support Amazon Alexa

Image: IKEA

Ikea’s Smart Window Blinds Support Amazon Alexa

Image: IKEA

Ikea’s Smart Window Blinds Support Amazon Alexa

Image: IKEA


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