Inubox Automated Dog Toilet

InuBox: Fully Automated Dog Toilet on Display at CES 2019

Until now, self-flushing dog toilet is the nearest we have come to managing dog poop effortlessly at home. Now, to make things completely automatic and odorless the InuBox is born. It is, as the makers claim, first fully automated dog toilet, and it will be on display at CES 2019. 

They’re right in their claim – InuBox is smart in its own manner – it recognizes when your pooch has taken onto the platform and detects the waste left behind. When the dog has dismounted, InuBox closes the platform to begin the cleaning cycle in less than a minute. Once cleaned, the platform opens back to be reused.

All solid and liquid waste is passed through a solidifying process, in the cleaning cycle, and collected in a closed bag, which soaks away all the smell, leaving your home 100 percent odor free. When it is full, the sealed bag is delivered for disposal, which you can discard the way you want.

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Interestingly, the InuBox smart toilet for a dog is remote configurable; i.e. you can activate it even when you are not at home.

The company hasn’t given out anything regarding the price and availability yet. But what we know so far is that on January 8 a Kickstarter campaign will be launched where initial backers would get InuBox for an amazing discount.

On January 8, InuBox will also be presented at the world’s largest tradeshow for consumer technology. You can stop by at the Eureka Park, booth 53184 to gather more information and see the dog toilet for yourself.  

Inubox Automated Dog Toilet

Image: InuBox

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