Jabiru - A bottle top stem

Jabiru – A bottle top stem for ‘upcycling’ liquor bottles

Jabiru - A bottle top stem

An year ago, Canadian Patrick Lehoux ‘kick-started’ his Kickstarter campaign with the ‘Kinkajou’, a compact and easy-to-use bottle cutter that could help you to recycle those old bottles of wine, beer and soda. The idea was simple – by cutting these bottles in half you could have used them as upcycled glasses. And, now the very same designer has come up with the ‘Jabiru‘, a bottle top stem that makes further usage of the variant bottle tops we come across while drinking. Conceived as an accessory to the Kinkajou, the main function of the Jabiru is to provide a leak free base for your upcycled stemmed glassware.

As we can see from the images, Jabiru conveniently comes in a singular piece. All we have to do is ‘plug’ this component onto the opening of the bottle top, thus creating a completely leak free base. In this regard, the designer assures us that Jabiru is crafted to fit all sizes of bottles, which provides the much needed structural stability to your stemmed glassware. So, at the end of the day, the scope is all about turning your useless liquor bottles into contemporary styled wine glasses bedecked with well known ‘brands’.

Via: Kickstarter

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