Karman Aprile Lamp Brings a Fish to Rest on Your Wall

By turning a traditional lighting fixture into a floating art piece, Aprile by Karman demonstrates a captivating fish-shaped design with smooth sculptural details. Contrived by designer Matteo Ugolini, this exquisite wall lamp takes shape of a fish that seems to be swimming on the wall surface.

It is a ceramic wall lamp that boasts a terrific design to bring life into any room. The striking light fixture is available in a white tone to add dimension to any desired interior.

You can install it in your living room, bedroom, study room, or guest room to spruce up the given space. The fish-shaped lamp features floral designs atop as if all the natural elements are coming alive on the body of this marine creation. When illuminated, this lighting fixture creates alluring shadows and enchanting patterns that spread across the central light source.

This marine-inspired lamp by Karman evokes an amazing underwater image to create a feeling of serenity and energy at the same time. Measuring 500mm x 180mm x 350mm, this white fish lamp (powered by A++ batteries) is likely to create a snorkeling experience right in your living space.

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You can purchase it for roughly $540 to bring quirky vibes into your interior. It will be a conversation starter in the living room and an entertaining lamp in your kids’ room.


Image: Karman


Image: Karman


Image: Karman


Image: Karman

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