Katmonite Cat Scratcher by Kogongcat Doubles as Cat Bed

Katmonite Cat Scratcher by Kogongcat Doubles as a Cat Bed

South Korean Kogongcat offers unique cat furniture to comfort furry friends at home. Katmonite by Kogongcat is an innovative cat scratcher that can double as a cat bed. Unlike standard cat scratchers, it is designed to gel with modern interiors and comfort the cats as well.

The Katmonite cat scratcher seems to draw inspiration from gastropod shell of a snail. Using it is easy, just place a cardboard refill in the plastic casing and push it gently with hand to make a cavity in the center for cats to rest comfortably.

When the refill wears off, it can be reused by turning it upside down. You can replace cardboard refill over time and thus use the product for a long time.

The main casing can also be placed upside down when not being used as a cat scratcher. Now, it will be a perfect place for the cat to play with catnips and an extra seat for you.

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Cats love playing and scratching cardboard, which makes the Katmonite cat scratcher a relevant product for cat lovers.

The cat scratcher comes in neutral colors and is priced at about $63 on the official website. It will comfort felines and will look great in any home.

Katmonite Cat Scratcher by Kogongcat Doubles as Cat Bed

Image: Kogongcat

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