Lasso Smart Device Allows Closed-Loop Recycling at Home

Lasso Trash Can Sorts Waste on its Own, Makes Recycling Fun at Home

Lasso is a smart home device created to help people recycle thoughtfully right at home. Introduced at CES 2021, it follows the closed-loop recycling concept, which means recyclables get a completely new life and do not end in landfills or eventually in oceans.

Usually, you would throw in all types of waste (paper, glass, plastic, metal) in the same bin, which creates a problem for recycling later. The recyclables from the trash have to be separated, which increases the cost of recycling and at times the materials become unrecyclable.

Lasso lets homeowners recycle their waste more innovatively; different types of recyclables are separated so that they can be recycled. You just need to put in the waste and it selflessly leans and puts the crushable materials in the dedicated containers. If something is not recyclable, it returns back that item.

Users can check out the product storage through the companion mobile app in real-time and also get notifications. The normal time period to empty the onboard storage bins is 3-8 times per year. The device produces a noise level of 64-74 dB during the recycling process. Measuring 125H x 60W x 90D cm, Lasso is designed to blend into modern home settings.

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Lasso encourages people to recycle without any confusion over what can and can’t be recycled. This smart device organizes recycled materials on its own and keeps it easy for homeowners. See more details at Lasso Loop.

Lasso Smart Device Allows Closed-Loop Recycling at Home

Image: Lasso Loop

Lasso Smart Device Allows Closed-Loop Recycling at Home

Image: Lasso Loop

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