LavvieBot Cat Litter Box

LavvieBot Automatic Cat Litter Box Coming to CES 2019

For pet lovers keeping their animal comfortable and healthy is a priority. Even more so if you own a cat as they can be really fidgety. To make the task of cleaning the litter box hassle-free, LavvieBot can be a good option.

This smart cat litter box will be revealed at CES 2019 and pet lovers can look forward to buying it in the near future as it will be up for a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo in May 2019.

The automatic cat litter box has a self-scooping mechanism which scoops the cat waste out from the main box at preset intervals. Once the waste box is full, the user can take it out and dispose-off the waste without getting hands dirty.

LavvieBot is different from other cat litter boxes as it requires cleaning scarcely, to be precise, only once every two to three weeks.

Also, the automatic litter feeding mechanism refills the litter box from the larger litter storage bin. This saves the user from the hassle of doing it manually.

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The smart litter box also has activated coconut carbon deodorizer which absorbs ammonia gases and acts as a dehumidifier. This ensures odor-free healthy littering environment for the furry friend.

To make things easier for the owner, LavvieBot sends real-time notifications about the waste and litter levels via the PurrSong app. It also notifies when the litter needs to be repurchased.

Design of this smart pet care solution is also mindfully crafted as most of the cat breeds can use it easily. Moreover, it looks great in any kind of interior.

Update: LavvieBot Automatic Cat Litter Box is now available for pre-orderes on Indiegogo. Prices starts from $399.

LavvieBot Cat Litter Box

Image: LavvieBot

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