Le terme shower cabin with built-in touch-interactive OLED display

Talk about technology – here is a shower cabin to die for, especially if you are a tech geek. The smart media shower cabin laden with latest media devices and interactive technology makes those with built-in fish tanks and iPod/LCD TVs look quaint. The luxury Le terme shower cabin designed by Fei Chung Billy Ho is made up of robust stainless steel structure having built-in OLED interactive panels and smart media devices that can be synced with tablet and smartphone allowing users to stream their favorite music or videos onto touch-interactive display, or make calls while taking shower. The hi-tech shower cabin actually lets you clean yourself up without parting with your beloved mobile gadgetry.

Not only that, the cabin has an antibacterial cypress wood base with an appropriate draining system that helps keep the cabin bacteria, viruses and fungus free and highly hygienic. The internal setting also helps in maintaining an adequate temperature and humidity level inside the cabin.

The Le terme shower cabin is a professional finalist entry at Reece Bathroom Innovations Awards 2012 and we need to thank and admire Fei Chung for revolutionizing the conventional and boring way of taking a shower.

Via: Yanko/TH

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  1. Warray Howes

    September 3, 2012 at 8:06 am

    This shower is very impressive. It looks very modern, and that’s what the world needs. I think it should go on to become sold in stores because I’m defiantly going to buy one.


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