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Lensfocus Indoor Gas Fireplace from Focus Fires

Electric and gas fireplaces offer convenience but when it comes to the looks, most of them feature the conventional square shape. French manufacturer Focus Fires seems to be changing the tradition with a wall glazed, round-shaped gas fireplace. Dubbed Lensfocus, it is a built-in balanced-flue fireplace available in natural gas and propane variants.

The Lensfocus indoor gas fireplace doesn’t intake air from the room for combustion. It has a built-in battery, which allows it to continue operating in case of a power cut as well. It is compliant with the French Energy Efficiency Standard RT2012 and is suitable for low-energy houses. This wall gas fireplace is operated by remote control and is supplied with decorative ceramic logs. In contrast to traditional built-in fires, it requires a shallow depth and can easily be installed in a corner without enclosing the living space.

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With clean lines and curved double-glazed porthole, it creates a non-obtrusive appearance on the wall of a room. The natural gas version uses 0.644- 0.723 m3/h and has a nominal heat input of 6-7 kW/h. On the other hand, the propane version uses 0.116-0.144 m3/h and requires 3.6-4.1 kW/h heat input.

Available in matte black, anthracite grey or white colors, the Lensfocus indoor gas fireplace is a great addition to modern apartments and smaller spaces.

gas fireplace

Image: Focus Fires

gas fireplace

Image: Focus Fires

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