Les Bouges by Peter Jamieson

Les Bouges overhead showers fuse aesthetics and usability

Les Bouges by Peter Jamieson

Looking like traditional Japanese lanterns suspended along your bathroom ceiling, the conception in question is actually a shower mechanism made from stainless steel. Designed by Peter Jamieson (for Ritmonio), this high-end collection of overhead showerheads is christened as ‘Les Bouges’. According to the designer, the simple square shape and the modular dimensions make the product easy to assemble, stack and use. Moreover, the ‘hollow’ bearing of Les Bouges also allows it to be used as a small storage space for bathroom accessories including scented candles and potted plants.

Les Bouges by Peter Jamieson

The scope however is not only about the practicality of the design. The clear minimalist lines, the soft glow of the candles, along with the cultivated ambiance  – all allude to an enriching bathing experience. This fusion of usability and aesthetics is further enhanced by the dual mode of the Les Bouges, with one entailing a refined waterfall effect, while the other pertaining to the soothing effect of rainfall.

Les Bouges by Peter Jamieson

Via: Ritmonio/Archello

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