LPArchitects Transforming Underground Bunker into Holiday Home

LPArchitects to Transform WWII Underground Bunker into Holiday Home in UK

Lipton Plant Architects, an award-winning architecture practice based in Clerkenwell, London is turning a real-life, World War II bunker into a holiday home on the Dorset Coast, UK. The plans are to renovate the disused concrete bunker into two-bedroom accommodation to allow guests to experience the wartime history.

Originally part of the WWII Chain Home radar detection system, the bunker played a significant role in Churchill’s ‘Wizard’s War’. Its structure was over time concealed within the landscape and vegetation but re-inhabiting the bunker will give it a new lease of life.

By re-inhabiting this bunker, we hope to celebrate the significant historic, yet redundant, structure as a historic ruin, says the Lipton Plant Architects.

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There are no windows in the structure but the architects will be adding a large, blast-effect window in front of the home that will bring in natural light and offer massive views to the Jurassic Coast. The interior space includes a living room area, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom.

The underground bunker renovation will be done in a way that the historic vibe of the property stays intact. This unique WWII bunker project has been granted planning permission and listed building consent so it is going to be a reality soon.

Via: Metro

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