Moncton Builds Starship Enterprise Replica for Christmas Display

Man Builds Starship Enterprise Replica for Backyard Christmas Display

Christmas is the time when we have lights all around us – streets, parks, shops, homes, all places are covered in unique light displays. No, it is not same for all; there are crazy and inventive people like Moncton-based Martin Ahern, who has built a 16-feet-long replica of Starship Enterprise hovering in his backyard.

Martin has decorated his entire yard with different types of Christmas-themed lights. There is a towering Christmas tree decked with about 3,000 individually programmable light strings and also a candy cane assembly line of lights. The Christmas light display looks good but it becomes an out-of-the-world sight with the hovering Mother ship, which is handmade from wood in eight months.

It’s not just the color alone, the detailed lights and wings also make it resemble the USS Enterprise out of the franchise. The structure is winning him accolades from neighbors and passerby.

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He told Global News California, when people appreciate your work, it encourages you to do more. He has plans on repeating this for next Christmas as well, with more unique decorations.

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