California Cat House

Man spends $35,000 to renovate Californian home into Cat house with ramps and tunnels

California Cat House

How much do you love your feline friends, is it anywhere close to upgrading your California home into a fantasy land for them? Well, you don’t need to worry if your affection isn’t all that much for a Goleta, California-based man has spent $35,000 renovating his ordinary family home into an oasis for his eighteen cat friends. Well, someone like us with one or two cats doesn’t really have to do that much. He has added special walkways, ramps and ledges (small tunnels and catwalks) all around the cat house, so that his furry friends can have all the fun inside, without having to venture outdoors.

In addition, he has created some interesting spiraling walkways and tiny stairs for the cats to climb up to the ledges. A climbing pole, which doubles as a cat scratching post has be set up next to an aquarium in his personal office. All the rooms from bedroom to office and from kitchen to bathroom have been transformed into playful areas for the cats. Don’t guess the amazing cat mansion to be a stinking home, the homeowner has equipped the cat house with a great ventilation system, which keeps the air clean in order to remove all the pesky odors.

Via: Gizmodo/MyModernMet

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