Manta Underwater Room Zanzibar

Manta Resort Underwater Room Provides Enchanting Views of Indian Ocean

Imagine yourself staying in an underwater room watching effervescent marine organisms that float by your room in the soft glow of night. Sounds wondrously Utopian? Well, it is not – as Manta Resort has made it a reality with their underwater room, located on The Manta Resort Pemba Island, Tanzania.

Conceived like a houseboat, it comprises of a landing deck at sea level, a separate lounge on the roof for sunbathing, and one floor nearly 20-feet under the Indian Ocean. The underwater hotel room is actually a chamber made of strong glass panes. The room has a king-size bed for sleeping and late-night gazing into the scintillating world of marine life. There’s also a bathroom with an open-air shower, an eco-friendly marine toilet system, and a small hand-wash basin.

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Guests at the Manta Resort underwater room can see shoals and fish reef fluttering past the gorgeously blue sea surface during daytime. And, when it is night, the enchantment of sea comes alive with underwater spotlights beneath each window focusing on exotic creatures like squids, octopuses, and trumpet fishes. Corals are established on the anchoring lines and around the underwater hotel room.

A short boat ride takes one to The Manta Resort underwater room approximately 250m from the shore. Prices for booking the room start from $1,700 per night.     

Manta Underwater Room

Image: The Manta Resort

Manta Resort Underwater Room Zanzibar

Image: The Manta Resort

Manta resort Underwater Room Zanzibar

Image: The Manta Resort

Manta Underwater Room Zanzibar

Image: The Manta Resort

Manta Underwater Room

Image: The Manta Resort

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