Matan Rechter Designs Shelly Portable Workstation

Shelly Portable Workstation Cocoons You in Desired Privacy Whilst Working Outdoors

Matan Rechter, an industrial design student from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, conceived Shelly as part of his final project. Envisioned as a portable workspace, it enhances the possibilities of working from anywhere.

It’s like a personal cocoon that can be taken outdoors for working or just for chilling out in the open air. Imagine it in your garden – you work for the day and fold it up when finished in the evening.

The Shelly portable workstation is born out of the desire to create a pleasant and efficient work environment, contrasting the standard office space with several bright lights. Each unit incorporates a chair and a table to make it possible to work with ease. A cover can be used for privacy and adjusting exposure to light.

The workstation is made of aluminum and breathable avatura fabric that is resistant to UV rays. This fabric is woven at two densities to create transparency in certain areas.

The Shelly portable workstation encourages concentration and productivity by offering users the freedom to decide the amount of privacy they require whilst working. The users can stay in connection to natural surroundings or cover up the workstation for privacy.

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The changing demands of the work environment and decreasing dependence on physical location have resulted in such creative furniture concepts. It allows working outside while preventing distractions and keeping elements at bay.

Matan Rechter Designs Shelly Portable Workstation

Image: designboom/Matan Rechter

Matan Rechter Designs Shelly Portable Workstation

Image: designboom/Matan Rechter

Via: designboom

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  1. Sonsoles

    August 9, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    Please, can you inform me where the Shelly by Matan Rechter can be bought?


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