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CES 2020: Mateo Smart Bathroom Mat Measures Weight, BMI and Body Posture

Displayed at CES 2020, Mateo, with its thin, flexible form factor and interchangeable covers is just like any ordinary bathroom mat, until you step on it. Touted as world’s first smart bathroom mat to monitor your body, it measures weight, body-mass index and utilizes medical-grade tech to gauge body posture.

Weighing scales have come a long way over the years; in addition to weight they can measure body composition and cardiovascular health. Yet, for some the smart scales have a drawback, they display the figures right in the face.

The Mateo bathroom mat stands out in a number of ways. Step onto the mat and it captures a host of data that is immediately transferred to an accompanying app on your phone. Unlike the weighing scales, Mateo doesn’t display the weight every day, instead lets you check it later on the phone or simply sends out alerts when you have accomplished a meaningful threshold.

Adjudged CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree in the health and wellness category, the smart bathroom mat features 7000 dot-pressure mapping system sandwiched between two scales inside the mat. These pressure points recognize each family member’s body metrics and provide tailored advice to the app or a connected mirror (sold separately).

Mateo also measures weight pressure of your feet to understand the nitty-gritties of your body posture and then suggests relevant diet and exercises to improve the posture.

There is no word on price and availability of the mat yet, but considering the prevalent user data privacy issues, Mateo is quick to state in its press release that the ‘mat and its app do not send data to the public internet, and follow strict privacy protocols to keep users’ data secure.’

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Image: Mateo

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