Matt Thompson Builds Adirondack Chair that Pours a Drink While Giving You Massage

Matt Thompson Builds Adirondack Chair that Pours a Drink, Gives Massage

Matt Thompson is a professional woodworker based out of Michigan. He is well known for some of his crazy contraptions including the beer-dispensing Adirondack chair he built last year. This time around, he has built a unique outdoor chair that massages the back. It is basically the same Adirondack chair with a wooden Michigan map but with the addition of a back-scratching massager.

If you are too lazy to do something on your own, Matt has designed this chair with the intention of pampering one in comfort while relaxing in the outdoors.

This backyard chair has wooden roller massager integrated into the backrest. These are attached to wooden gears that spin and make the hands go up/down in a way to scratch your back and give you a comfortable massage. A drill is used to spin all the gears.

A chair that can pour you a glass of wine and massage your back is surely a satisfying piece of outdoor furniture. And the fact that there are ample shelves to keep wine bottles as well as to store screwed up corks, the throne is complete.

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If you like the idea, stay tuned to his newest furniture creations at Matt Thompson Woodworks.

Special thanks to Matt Thompson for sharing information and video with us!

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