Mermaid Skeletons are a Thing Now, and You can Buy It for $60

Take Home $60 Mermaid Skeleton for Unique Halloween Decor

This Halloween if you want to surprise your neighbors and guests in a totally unique way, then take home a mermaid skeleton Halloween prop from Oriental Trading. As the name gives out, it’s quite unlike random skeletons, it doesn’t have legs, rather a fishtail which creates an eye-catching appearance.

Made of plastic, the mermaid skeleton is a great addition to simple Halloween decorations; you can decorate it along with fake seaweed or moss on your porch or hang on the trees in your backyard. Its tail is bendable, which means you can pose it in more ways than one. She is sure to help you create a not-so-scary but a bewildering Halloween scene. 

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If you wish to purchase the life-size mermaid skeleton, it’s available on sale for about $60 at Oriental Trading.


Mermaid Skeletons are a Thing Now, and You can Buy It for $60

Image: Oriental Trading

Via: CountryLiving

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