Mila Subscription-Based Air Purifier Hits Kickstarter

Do you remember the subscription-based air purifier, Mila we had featured here earlier this year? You’ll be glad to know that the San Francisco-based startup has now launched this smartest air purifier on Kickstarter.

At a time when air pollution has become the world’s only largest environmental health hazard, Mila has been created to solve all the problems found in most air purifiers.

With their advanced air purifier, the manufacturers wanted each family to know more about the indoor air quality – as no one wants to put their family members, especially kids at a health risk. This device comes integrated with personalized filters to ensure that individuals can address allergies, urban smog, pet odors, and other air pollutants, depending on their individual needs.

Mila introduces a series of ‘firsts’ that the air purifier industry has not seen before. Some of these include:

* It’s the first air purifier to help you know when it is ‘time to clean’ so that you achieve the target air quality

* It’s the first air purifier that’s able to detect human presence in a room. It becomes quiet when you enter a room and gets into deep cleaning mode when you exit a room

* It’s the first purifier that can learn room size to ensure the same performance level whether it’s placed in a 150-square-feet bedroom or a 400-square-foot living room

* It is the first purifier with personalized filters and aerospace-grade control system for optimal air filtration

* It’s first air purifier to be integrated with life-saving carbon monoxide sensor

* It’s the first air purifier to warn homeowners about the risk of mold growth

* It can track even the outdoor air quality and also monitors how protected your indoor air is

* It also comes with a full-colored display and a smartphone app that enables real-time monitoring and control

Measuring only 12 x 12 x 14-inches, this air purification device comes with a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 411 m3/hr, which is double the performance of many leading purifiers. Moreover, its patent-pending dual-flow filter also includes 45-square-foot of HEPA, the gold standard for ultrafine particle filtration.

The creators have reimagined this advanced air purifier as an important and affordable device for today’s smart homes. This simple device makes healthy air optimization as simple and informative as setting up a thermostat.

Currently, Mila is running a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter and has already surpassed the initial target of around $20,000. Early birds can bag this smartest air purifier for $219 with customer filter (up to $39 credit each). The delivery can be expected by February 2020 after the production phase is complete.

For now, find out more about this smartphone-controlled air purifier in the video below:


Image: Kickstarter


Image: Kickstarter


Image: Kickstarter


Image: Kickstarter


Image: Kickstarter

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