Mina’s recycled high-end faucets you will love

Italian company, Mina has designed new collection of faucets dubbed as REvitrum. These taps are made of recycled printed glass and stainless steel. The company is doing family business in bathroom fittings, since early 50s and providing best craftsmanship efficiency to its users. Not only this, Mina is also giving their bit to environment by recycling products and making amazing bathroom accessories of steel. The company’s project REvitrum is one the best example of their recycled product drive which goes all well for the environment. The collection of taps are designed in vintage style that looks truly elegant and classy.

Mina wanted to give second life to the printed glass sheet by rebuilding it with the help of artisanal process. By doing this, the company proved that recycled product can also be sophisticated and expensive. You can clearly see Mina’s creativity and craftmanship in REvitrum.

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Mina is offering REvitrum’s curve and shape in the form of stainless steel barrels with reused glass details. The tap is wall mounted with clean lines and formal touch of rigor. Mina’s collection of taps are custom made, so that you can choose according to your bathroom’s design.

They associate with 100% recyclable stainless steel, and also reusing the glass to make REvitrum. This recycled printed glass come from the glassmakers, old shops and some from the broken glasses of retro doors. Although these taps are made of recycled material, but still the company didn’t compromise with its design and emphasis on the quality of REvitrum. So, If you like these modern faucets, you can jump to the official site.

Image: Mina/Facebook

mina taps

Image: Mina/Facebook

elegant taps by mina

Image: Mina/Facebook

stylish taps by mina

Image: Mina/Facebook

Image: Mina/Facebook

mina taps

Image: Mina/Facebook

mina high ends taps REvitrum

Image: Mina/Facebook

Via: Social Design Magazine

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