modern cat house grando

Stylish Geometric Modern Cat House from Grando

Minsk-based pet furniture shop Grando House crafts handmade furniture. They manufacture pet houses, suitable for both cats and dogs, in a variety of sizes from veneered plywood. Grando’s designs are compact, mobile and light- weighed.

If you want your furry little friend to have a comfortable and stylish home, Grando’s pet houses provide you with various options. This colorful, airy Modern Cat House, for instance, would look good and do wouldn’t occupy much space.

Both assembling and disassembling of the geometric cat house is easy, takes minimum amount of efforts and time and no additional tools are required.

The snap-together assembly allows to carry it anywhere which creates a familiar home atmosphere for your cat. The vents in it provide good air circulation.

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The cat bed is made out of veneered plywood and non-toxic water-based ink. It is not appropriate for outdoor conditions and must be kept in a dry and heated space. The cleaning of the cat house is very easy, you can just wipe it with wet cloth or sponge.

You can buy these adorable cat houses on Etsy starting at $142. The price may vary depending on the size and design of the pet house.

modern cat house grando

Image: Etsy

modern cat house grando

Image: Etsy

Stylish Geometric Modern Cat Houses from Grando

Image: Etsy

modern cat house grando

Image: Etsy

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