Morus Zero Tumble Dryer Uses Vacuum Technology to Dry Clothes in 15 Minutes

Updated 5.18.2022: Founded in March 2018, Morus is Los Angeles-based Company that came into limelight for making a portable clothes dryer. Combining lower-pressure environment and 70km/h vast airflow, Morus Zero can make the water evaporate 60-percent faster. It measures 16.3W x 19.3H x 20.8H inches and weighs only 28.7 lbs. The appliance can dry up to 8 t-shirts at a time. The power usage of the dryer is approximately 1100W ~1200W.

The Morus Zero countertop dryer was introduced through a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter and is now available for $599 on the official website. There are two color to match per your interior space. It has won a iF Design Award in 2021.

We never imagined being so excited over a tumble dryer until we saw the Morus Zero. This is a compact tabletop dryer that makes use of vacuum technology to dry all washed clothes within just 15 minutes.

This countertop dyer can dry around 1.5 kg clothes in one go. The device is integrated with a pump to draw out air from the sealed inner chamber and create a vacuum inside.

Due to vacuum, water quickly evaporates from clothes even at a lower temperature, unlike standard tumble dryers. This way the machine is able to use less heat and energy compared to traditional dryers of the same size, yet dry quicker. Morus claims the appliance cuts energy consumption by up to 40-percent.

The vacuum-based tumble dryer also sanitizes clothing with the help of ultraviolet rays. The UV light has been integrated into the device to kill around 99.9-percent bacteria present in your clothes.

The machine even comes equipped with a sensor to detect when all the clothes are dry and when to stop the process automatically. There is no need for venting since the evaporating water is collected in a slide-out tray. The device also notifies the users when to empty the tray.

The tumble dryer’s three-motor design enables its drum to alternately turn clothes in two directions (back and forth). With the help of its push-button controls, you can set different parameters as per your preference.

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If you are interested in buying Morus Zero, the project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Early bird pledge of $299 can get this $549 dryer shipped to you in December 2019.

For now, you can see how the machine works in the video below:


Image: Kickstarter


Image: Kickstarter


Image: Kickstarter


Image: Kickstarter


Image: Kickstarter

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