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This Foldable Washing Machine is Affordable Mini Washer for Avid Travelers

If you’re someone like me who has relied on bulky washing machines and dry cleaners throughout his life, you will relate to the problem of not being able to carry a washer-dryer or the laundry man while you’re out camping in the woods or just traveling. Well, most of us will be able to find a solution to our problem in the portable Pieria Foldable Washing Machine, which is here to make our life easier.

Japanese electric manufacturing companies have evolved over time and revolutionized the way we perceive technology. Pieria Folding Washing Machine is just another example of what could be the next big thing heading into a world that’s mostly dominated by guns, germs, and steel.

Well, this portable washing machine makes for an ideal mini gadget to have along when traveling. Being compact and lightweight, one can carry it along while on trips or even trekking. The machine is easy to store especially given the fact most of us live in urban settings where space comes at a premium and one should carry as light as possible.

There is no rocket science in the usage of the machine. One simply needs to pour in water and detergent and the machine will run on automatic mode. It will hardly take ten minutes to thoroughly clean your clothes. Measuring 11 x 11 x 10-inches in length, breadth, and height, the machine compresses down to 4-inches when folded.

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Weighing around 2 kg, the, machine can hold approximately 4.5 liters of water which is sufficient to wash socks, masks, hand towels, and even shirts and shorts simultaneously. The Pieria Foldable Washing Machine also includes an AC adapter and storage belt and runs on DC 12V AC adapter power.

Available in three pastel colors, white, pink, green; the foldable washing machine is retailing for $76 on Doshisha Marche Japan.

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Image: Doshisha Marche

Folding Washing Machine by Pieria_6

Image: Doshisha Marche

Folding Washing Machine by Pieria_5

Image: Doshisha Marche

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