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MotoArt Stratotanker Sink

MotoArt Stratotanker sink contrived from KC-97 front landing gear door

Love the exhilarating feeling of flying in an aircraft and would love to experience the same on ground as well? Now you can bring the same sensation of traveling in a plane straight into your bathroom- all thanks to the Stratotanker sink. Southern California company MotoArt that often created office furniture from retired air fuselage, has now come up with this streamlined wash basin to transform bathroom interior as well.

Manufactured from old KC-97 front landing gear door, the bathroom sink features minimalist satin metal finish. Metallic fine detailing on the sink and its base make it appear like internal part of airplane, adding exquisite touch to its dynamic layout. This stylish basin cleverly incorporates two stylish faucets that are adding more grace to its unique design.

This bold bathroom fitting has large sink capacity, so it is idyllic to stylize interior of bulky bathroom space within any home or office settings. Moreover, you can also customize it with your own faucets and base. The exclusive bathroom fixture is available in limited edition on price-on-request option from the company’s official website.

MotoArt Stratotanker Sink

This minimalist sink features minimalist satin metal finish

MotoArt Stratotanker Sink

The wash basin is manufactured from old KC-97 front landing gear door

MotoArt Stratotanker Sink

It can be personalized with your own faucets and base

Source: MotoArt

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