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Multipod Studio’s low cost, recyclable Pop-Up House you can assemble in four days

Pop-Up House by Multipod Studio

Heating is one of the main household cost, off-grid and net zero energy homes vision to solve this problem. But, with an intention to provide another alternative, Multipod Studio has designed the Pop-Up House – a low cost home, which uses recyclable materials and can be assembled in four days. To build the Pop-up House, Multipod Studio has employed a new patented passive construction approach that provides outstanding thermal insulation at very nominal cost. Interestingly, the Pop-up house, which can be installed in under four day is made up of a structure comprising insulating blocks and wooden planks that sick together to form the amazing energy efficient home.

The Pop-Up House with amazing thermal insulation does not require any special tools for building, it can be assembled using lightweight and recyclable materials instantly. Since, materials used are really inexpensive the cost of the house, in spite of the unique thermal envelop, remains very low. First prototype of the innovative, low cost, recyclable and passive Pop-Up House is installed in the pine valleys south of France.

Pop-Up House by Multipod Studio

Via: Contemporist

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