Musiclips – Multipurpose pegs in the shape of musical notes

People are always looking for home accessories that are simple, yet solve a major predicament. Cloth pegs are one of them, and everyone requires them to dry clothes after washing. If you have got bored of the same old cloth pegs, then design studio OTOTO has got something interesting for you. Especially if you love music.

OTOTO Musiclips are going to fill your heart with music every time you look at them. Most probably your favorite song or melody will start ringing in your mind. These musical cloth pegs can also be used for holding other things too, just like any other peg.

Musiclips are made from plastic material and they come in the notes of tonal scale – Do, Si, La, Re, Mi, Fa and Sol. The design studio is renowned for its unique creation as in the past we saw uniquely designed a tea infuser and kitchen sponge holder.

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Designed by in-house designer Dikla Libresco, these cloth pegs are unique and worth buying. They come for a price tag of $10 per pack and you can get them right away.

Musiclips pegs_1

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