Myrtle - A stool cum storage system

Myrtle – A fusion of a stool and storage system by Taiji Fujimori

Myrtle - A stool cum storage system

We have harped about ‘multi-purpose‘ furniture before. However, the ingeniously crafted ‘Myrtle’ takes things to a whole new level. Created by Tokyo-based designer Taiji Fujimori, a single item of the collection poses as a delectable stool which conveniently has a drawer component. But when these stools are stacked atop each other, the collective system transforms into a full fledged chest. So, basically the Myrtle has the dual functionality of acting as a compact seating mechanism and also as an adjustable storage system.

The great thing about the whole conception is its essence of flexibility in usage. This is quite evident from the structural arrangement of the Myrtle storage system. We did mention before on how the stools (with drawers) can stacked together to form a bigger chest. And, even in between these stacked stools, there are smaller recesses that allow us to use them as shelves. This in effect alludes to the ‘total’ utilization of the storage area, which is only made possible because of the deftly designed structural parts.

All images are courtesy of Yosuke Owashi

Via: Taiji-Fujimori

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