Nintendo Coffee Table

Nintendo Coffee Table Made From Recycled Guns and Clocks!

Previously we talked about a NES toaster that deftly mimics its video game counterpart. And, now the exalted scope of the Nintendo has come to our living room decor with the Reclaimed/Steampunk Nintendo Coffee Table designed by Bohemian Workbench. Its ‘reclaimed’ credentials are indeed praiseworthy, as the cedar board used for the coffee table was actually salvaged from a dilapidated fence found in Marina Del Rey, California. However, the recycled ambit doesn’t stop here, with the design boasting an assortment of other exotic materials used for the table components.

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In its visual scope, the Nintendo Coffee Table replicates the Nintendo controller from 1985; thus having all the details like the D-pad, the select, start buttons and the A, B action buttons. The cross-shaped D-pad is crafted from Katanga, a cast copper cross which was used as currency in parts of Congo in the late 19th century. The A, B action buttons are made from the exposed mechanism of antique clocks.

But the best part is saved for the last – the select, start buttons are ingeniously crafted from vintage AR-15 20 round magazines (used as clips for the famous American semi-automatic rifle of our earlier century). All of these unique features are literally topped off by a 1/4-inch glass slab, while the support legs are made from aged 1/2-inch steel hairpins.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the creators to talk about the requirement of heavy crates to transport the tables in tip-top condition. As for pricing, the Nintendo Coffee Table will set you back by $2,300 (with additional shipping charge).

Dimensions: 40″ length x 17.5″ width x 18″ height

All images are courtesy of Bohemian Workbench.

Via: BohoWorkbench

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