Nobi Smart Lamp Helps in Fall Prevention of Elderly People at Home

Nobi Smart Lamp with Fall Detection Takes Caring for Elderly to Next Level

CES is host to some of the best consumer tech innovations each year. Despite being an all-virtual event this year, it still brought forth many forward-thinking technologies. Nobi smart lamp being one of them that has a serious intention to make our homes safer for the oldies.

Created by a Belgian startup, this ceiling-mounted smart light is designed to detect a fall and notify family or emergency services. These smart lamps are equipped with motion and infrared sensors. They also make use of artificial intelligence to let family members keep a check on the elderly, even when they are not around.

The lamps can offer both warm and cold light and also adapt to natural light during the day. They allow two-way communication and can even open the front door, if you may. According to the company, when Nobi lamp detects a resident fallen, it confirms if everything is okay. If not responded to, the lamp instantly calls a family member or one of the trusted contacts.

The lamp integrates a smoke and air quality detector and ensures optimal light. When an inhabitant sits up in bed, Nobi burns gently and when the person gets up, the light shines brightest. It also recognizes the daily habits, patterns and notifies when there are certain changes, just to be careful.

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The Nobi lamp is a great solution for working people who remain worried about the elderly back home. It provides a better way for mishap detection and communication at the same time working as a home security solution. It is currently in the trial phase and is assumed to include more features before finally rolling out.

Via: TechCrunch

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