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Old Piano Guts Now Function as Beautiful Wine Bar

A good transformational idea can bring laurels to your living space. If you have a taste for music then having a piano in those home parties will make things more passionate. But here is a piano that is not quite known for being a musical instrument anymore. It is an original piece built in Philadelphia (1929) and an S. Ounsworth upright piano that looks quite exquisite and appealing. Though it cannot make you feel the charm of the music like it would have done years ago, but it pleasures you as a centerpiece for welcoming the guests.

The piano in conversation was found in a dusty old basement of some musician and was then recycled for a unique purpose i.e. decorating the living room. To start with the transforming part, the keys of the piano were cut and then fixed to stand in their respective places. After that, the music making inners were replaced with Baltic birch.

To create storage space for the liquor bottles, glasses, and mixers, a walnut shelf was integrated into it. Not just the upper part of piano basks in the glory of successful transformation but also the music stand was recreated with hinges so as to store party ingredients like cigars, glasses and other utensils.

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If you are delighted with the aspects of this piano bar, then you can feel a bit more surprised because it has a removable wine rack that can contain a maximum of 12 bottles. To make things more party-themed, a strip of LED lighting has been added to this transformed piano.

With this kind of transformed furniture, every single party becomes memorable.

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