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Opera F1 foosball table by Cavicchi Billiards

Opera F1 foosball table by Cavicchi Billiards combines the essence of F1 and football

Opera F1 foosball table by Cavicchi Billiards

I am sure that many of us guys are equally enticed by the exhilaration of those F1 racing cars snaking around the deftly built circuits and the thrill of men in jerseys scoring the last minute goal in the UEFA Champions League. Anyway, if you belong to that blessed group of people, then the above pictured Opera F1 foosball table by Cavicchi Billiards is surely tailored to suit your taste in sports. Launched as an exclusive ‘Formula One’ version of the original Opera, this range is specially draped in the glossy lacquer red of the exalted Ferrari cars.

There are also other details and finishes that notch up the visual quotient of the Opera foosball table. For example, we can see the curvaceous steel support legs that are bedecked in chrome mirror-finish. The exquisiteness is also cultivated at the top with scoreboards made of chrome polished metal, where you can keep track of your goals with beads of mother of pearlFinally  the gorgeous ‘Ferrari’ redness of the whole scope is further continued with the crimson hued handle knobs draped in genuine leather. These knobs are even detailed with seams of a football to capture the authentic essence of the ‘beautiful game’.

Via: Biliardi-Cavicchi

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