Orb One Stovetop Coffeemaker Prevents Over-Extraction and -Brewing

Orb One Single-Serve Stovetop Coffeemaker Prevents Over-Extraction and -Brewing

Orb One is a pretty little stovetop coffeemaker – referred to as a reimagined version of traditional stovetop Moka pots by its creators. It is a single-serve (8oz) pour-over coffee percolator brainchild of Crucial Detail, Chicago-based design studio that offers unique products developed in collaborations with the world’s best chefs and mixologists.

Orb One coffeemaker features a temperature regulating heat sink that prevents over-extraction and -brewing to ensure a delicious cup of coffee at home or during a camping trip, made feasible with its compact design.

Orb One has a capacity for 14-16g of ground coffee and 250ml of water. It is made of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, FDA Silicone, and FSC certified sustainably sourced wood. While technically not a true espresso, Orb One allows users to brew a range of coffee styles. It fills the space between a standard drip and a 9-bar espresso, the creators explain.

The stovetop coffeemaker offers flexibility to change the coffee type by simply using a different grind. Coarse grind and a lot of water will yield a large volume of coffee akin to the quality of drip. On the other hand, a fine grind and a small amount of water will yield an intense, viscous coffee, akin to espresso. Users can experiment with both to find the right extraction according to personal taste.

The internal structure of the coffee maker prevents over-extraction or burning of the coffee. It employs a combination of the temperature-regulating solid stainless steel shower head and a laser-pulse-drilled filter to allow perfect infusion every time.

Orb One coffeemaker works efficiently on a gas burner, electric stove, induction, ceramic plate, or even a camping stove, and it plays on with temperature, turbulence, and time to achieve consistent results. The creators have tested the Orb One on induction burners and found the brew time to be less than 2 minutes.

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Orb One is receiving a great response on Kickstarter, where its crowd-funding campaign has reached its initial goal in just 7 days. Orb One developers have also recently released a stretch goal for $400k. If it is completed, backers will get a choice between the original version and a collapsible camping handle.

If you want to get your hands on the Orb One coffeemaker, you can back the Kickstarter campaign with a minimum pledge of $120. The product is slated to be delivered in March 2022.

Orb One Stovetop Coffeemaker Prevents Over-Extraction and -Brewing

Image: Kickstarter/Crucial Detail

Orb One Stovetop Coffeemaker Prevents Over-Extraction and -Brewing

Image: Kickstarter/Crucial Detail

Orb One Stovetop Coffeemaker Prevents Over-Extraction and -Brewing

Image: Kickstarter/Crucial Detail

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