Ouchi Playhouse by Hibinosekkei

Ouchi: A Wendy house in Japan to let children explore their creativity

In collaboration with studios Youji no Shiro and Kids Design Labo, the architects at Hibinosekkei have created a Wendy house called Ouchi ( a Japanese word for house) to let the children explore their creativity through role playing. Designed within a kindergarten building in Saga, Japan, this life-sized playhouse has been created to keep the kids connected with their home environment by performing certain household tasks.

The kids can imitate their parents inside this tiny playhouse and do certain household chores such as pretending to cook meals, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, etc. To keep the children connected with real world activities, the Ouchi comes equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, dining table, cupboards, sink, laundry and wood stove. There are also small cabinets in the kitchen to store frying pans, forks, knives, spoons, cups, and other utensils and kitchen tools.

Within this small-scale replica of a house, children can play creatively and also learn various household tasks that their parents do daily. After the installation of this playhouse, the children were brought to the site to give them a first-hand experience and all of them loved their role play session.

To keep things little interesting, some challenges are given to the children and they have to perform with determination with smiles on their faces. Meanwhile, teachers keep an eye on children from a distance to observe their activities. Well, this is truly a unique way to make youngsters aware of certain responsibilities while making the household tasks more enjoyable during the playtime.

Ouchi Playhouse by Hibinosekkei

It is a small scale replica of a house

Ouchi Playhouse by Hibinosekkei

Even interior is designed like a realistic home

Ouchi Playhouse by Hibinosekkei

Small dining space

Ouchi Playhouse by Hibinosekkei

Children washing dishes

Ouchi Playhouse by Hibinosekkei

Small cabinets and drawers to keep utensils

Ouchi Playhouse by Hibinosekkei

Children hanging washed laundry

Ouchi Playhouse by Hibinosekkei

Children pretending to prepare meals

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