HomeCool Gets Highlight as Air Conditioning Alternative at CES 2020

HomeCool is Zero Emissions Air Conditioning Alternative Unveiled at CES 2020

Air conditioner (AC) you use at home/office emits carbon dioxide and contributes to global warming but there aren’t any practical alternatives to it. One Pennsylvania-based company says they have come up with a solution. HomeCool, a winner of CES 2020 Innovation Award in Home Appliances category, is touted as an air cooling system that uses only water and natural gas.

Unlike standard ACs that use manmade refrigerants, HomeCool depends on water, fire, and air to create zero-emissions cooling effect. It appears as a shiny square box and is said to reduce the load on the electric grid by up to 40-percent.

The technology inside HomeCool uses molecular sieves created in a vacuum-sealed unit made of stainless steel. This eco-friendly cooling system is based on a closed-loop system, which means the water inside the box remains unaffected. Furthermore, there will be integrated wireless sensors, motion detectors, Alexa speakers etc., in order to provide complete comfort to users.

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OxiCool Inc. will launch HomeCool in North America as an all-new air conditioning alternative to use in homes, hotels, and smaller buildings. It is currently available for preorder and the base price for a 20,000 BTU/hr system with four in-home heat exchangers is estimated at $10,000.
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